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Rekrow Micro Burner


Introducing the Rekrow RK4203 Butane Micro Burner – An ideal burner for cooking, camping, and also works wonderfully in syphon coffee making! This micro-burner shows off it’s simplicity and convenience with an instant electronic ignition system, adjustable flame, and refillable 30g butane fuel tank.

With a maximum temperature of around 1300 degrees celsius, it has a working time of about 45 minutes per use, and is a light-weight addition to complete your syphon coffee brewing endeavours!

Rekrow Micro Burner


Hario Syphon NEXT NXA-5


Hario Syphon 5 Cup Next Includes :

  • 1x Next Syphon NXA-5
  • High Quality Borosilicate Glassware
  • Heat-Resistant
  • Improved Lower Bowl
  • Metal Filter
  • Alcohol Heater

Hario Syphon TCA-03

  • Heatproof glass
  • Max capacity 360ml
  • Made in Japan


  • Upper and lower chambers
  • Upper chamber lid
  • Spirit Lamp
  • Metal filter holder
  • Cloth Filter (F-103S)
  • Coffee Bean Scoop

Hario Syphon TCA-03


Hario Ceramic Pro Grinder


Glass bowl : MADE IN JAPAN
Mill (Main body), Handle, Non-slip cover, Lid : MADE IN CHINA
This product is assembled to strict quality control standards in Japan.