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Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Mini Slim Grinder

  • Hario Mini Mill Slim Plus espresso process is reduced size while giving an expert experience
  • New and enhanced Mini Mill Slim Plus highlights another helpful bolt with strengthened hexagonal connector on handle
  • Ceramic process is effectively balanced for right pound coarseness, giving a reliable crush to immaculate, crisp coffee
  • Small, lightweight and thin plan makes for simple stockpiling and travel; can be put away without handle
  • Easy to peruse estimations, up to 2 measures of storage.

Nitro Blade Hand Grinder

BRAND:  Comandante

Burr Geometry:                           Comandante – Z15MB-V7LC-DSE-200
Burr Material:                              Patented HighAlloyed High-Nitrogen Stainless Steel
Grind Thrust Average:             >1 Bean per turn at < 3,Nm
Body Veneer:                                Natural Bamboo Wood (structure and tone of color may vary)
Axle:                                                  Stainless Steel
Crank:                                              Stainless Steel
Crank-Knob:                                 100% Natural Oak Wood (Hand-made in Black Forest)
Wood Surface Treatment:      Natural-based Wax-Oil (suitable for children’s toy)
Engine-Frame:                             Eastman Tritan (BPA-free)
Axle Bearings:                              2 x Stainless Steel Micro Ball Bearing with Rubber Seals
Jar:                                                    Glass (clear & brown)
Lid:                                                    Urochem 371 (natural-based)
Packaging:                                      only recyclable Paper

 Weight Chart lb  oz  gr
 Grinder weight  1.63  26  740
 Shipping box weight 2.8 45  1270


 Size Chart  length  width  height
 inch  cm   inch  cm   inch  cm
 Shipping box sizes  21  53.5  5 12.7 3.5 9

Nitro Blade Hand Grinder