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Espro Toroid-2 12oz Steaming Pitcher


  • Ergonomic handle ensures balance and control
  • Perfect spout for pouring latte art
  • 12 oz total volume
  • 18/8 stainless steel
  • Works with one hole and multi-hole steam tips

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Larger Handles Fit any hand

The large handle keeps your hand cool, and away from the pitcher wall. And with six welds, it is safe and secure, even under the heaviest use.

easy-read lines

Fill lines make it easy to repeat your recipe, and reduce waste. They are like a ruler for your milk, easy to read both inside and out…

Improved Spout For Better Latte Art

The sharper spout draws milk and milk foam together, so you can pour with greater detail than ever before.

Ready, Aim, Steam

Perfected milk flows are created by the unique shape, which includes a simple bump in the center and the unique wall shape.

Aim at it for a perfect toroidal (donut-shaped) milk flow. Aim beside it for a perfect vortex. Steaming as easy as ready – aim – fire.


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