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Flair Espreso Pro


For a good-quality coffee extraction

The Flair Espresso Signature Pro is made for you to extract & enjoy the best espresso !
The porta filter and filter basket have been cleverly put together to become one single part.
The coffee extraction is guided by a spout, making it a great visual experience.
Once you have put your espresso grind in the filter basket and tampered it, you just need to add hot water (around  92°C) and manually create the pressure needed for your extraction by using the robust lever mechanism.
The base of the machine is designed so you can take advantage of the plexiglass plate for your cup. It is wide enough to ensure the Flair doesn’t wobble when in use.
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Keep an eye on pressure for more precision

Pressure can sometimes seem complicated to manage but the design of the Flair Espresso Signature Pro allows you to keep an eye on it with its integrated pressure gauge.

The pressure applied will have an effect on the extraction. With the gauge, you can perform your coffee extractions by stabilizing the pressure between 6 and 9 bars. You can even perform a pre-infusion to reveal even more aromas.

The presence of the pressure gauge is a long-awaited feature for fans of lever machines.


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