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Mod Bar Systems – Espresso EP


Mod Bar Group head and under counter espresso system .

The Freedom To Focus On Your Customers

Create a space where design and efficiency don’t have to compete. You can now introduce the workflow that fits your space best. Mix and match espresso, steam and pour-over as combined or stand-alone stations. It’s up to you.



The most consistent and stable under-counter espresso equipment available and the first product designed in collaboration between Modbar and La Marzocco.

Modbar AV is a ground-up rethink, engineered from scratch based on the footprint of our original system. When we started thinking about the next machine to add to the Modbar lineup, we wanted to create something completely new but preserve the iconic look and feel of our Espresso tap. Rather than redesign or update the original Espresso system, we turned to a tried and true friend we knew would provide a solid foundation for a new machine: the Linea PB.


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