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Rekrow Smart Stove


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The newest and stylish Smart Stove portable butane stove from Rework is designed for reliable outdoor, indoor and commercial use and easy portability. It is an excellent open-air companion for when you have lightweight cooking needs, but still require some cooking power. This portable stove takes about 10 minutes to boil 1,000cc water in a stainless steel pot with lid at ambient temperature 20°C and offers awesome performance and is a great choice for cooking on the go, presentation dishes prepared at the table, and increased cooking capacity in the kitchen during rush periods. Powered by a refillable butane reservoir, this Smart Stove is clean burning for delicious foods and minimal environmental impact. It produces a whopping 1,300℃ (2,400℉) of heat, making it one of the most powerful, yet energy efficient portable butane stoves available today. It’s equipped adjustable flame and provides an impressive burn time of almost 60 minutes on high and longer when set to low. Its unique heat panel system provides maximum power until the butane tank is empty. Designed with an electronic instant ignition system, built-in safety pressure release valve, anti-leakage protection, and heavy base design to provide greater safety for every customer. Even better, this burner stove is easy to store and carry with you no matter how far you go into the wilderness and other outdoor trips any place you want to cook. It’s certified by ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, GS/DVGW, CE/DVGW, and U.S CPSC.

‧ High Quality
‧ Durable Steel Construction
‧ Nice Design
‧ With Safety Switch to make it safer
‧ New Product
‧ Light Weight and Portable

‧ Electronic instant ignition system
‧ With built-in safety pressure release valve
‧ Heavy base design
‧ Adjustable flame
‧ Refillable 65 gms butane fuel tank.
‧ Max. Temperature attainable : 1,300°C or 2,400°F

‧ Cooking
‧ Making Coffee
‧ Camping
‧ Boiling Water
‧ Keeping warm


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