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Rhinoware Sticker Thermometer


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Rhino Coffee Gear have developed a real reputation for making affordable and practical accessories for coffee making. This particular handy accessory is no exception. Eschewing the traditional milk frothing thermometer design, which can get in the way, and creates more clean-up, they have instead made a thermometer that simply sticks to your jug!

You can actually stick a Rhinowares Accutemp Thermometer on many different kinds of vessels, and, provided that they’re sufficiently conductive, the thermometer will quickly change colours as the temperature increases. This helps you avoid over-heating or burning milk, and removes the guess-work from milk steaming.

Rhino Coffee Gear Accutemp Stick-On Thermometer features & specifications

  • Stick-on design
  • Works with any metal jug
  • Quick reading
  • Makes clean-up easier

Milk frothing jug not included

Directions for use

  1. Ensure your milk frothing jug is clean and dry.
  2. Carefully peel of the backing tape making sure you don’t bend the corners of your thermometer.
  3. Place on the preferred side of your milk jug so it can be seen when steaming. The thermometer should be placed low on the pitcher to ensure it is below the surface of the milk. For best results, ensure a flat application, free of bubbles is achieved.
  4. Steam your milk to desired temperature, pour and enjoy!

Cleaning: To ensure a long life of your Rhino Coffee Gear Stick-on Thermometer we recommend cleaning with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. The thermometer is dishwasher safe, however we do not recommend putting in water over 80 degrees to increase the life and accuracy.


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