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Rhinowares Shot Glass 2oz



Rhino® Shot Glass 2 oz commercial shot glass

High quality Rhino Coffee 2oz glass with a line at the 1oz mark.
It has a heavy base for stability and is ideal  for calibrating the grind of coffee.
Because it’s heavy glass – it will retain the heat,  so no heat loss .
Heat the glass 1st for best results.

Product features

  • Toughened heatproof glass
  •  Size: 2oz
  •  Lined to: 1oz
  • ​​Graduated marks in ounces (every .5oz) and milliliters (every 10ml)
  •  Accurate to within +/- 5%
  • Rhino Coffee Gear logo on the glass
  • Attractive retail packaging

Use this glass for:

  • See the quantity of coffee crema
  • To set the grind on your grinder
  • Shot glass for pouring shots into larger cups

It should take between 18-25 sec (depending on the coffee) to make a 30cl shot.
Using a shot glass will help you to calibrate your coffee grind.

55mm/2.16″ diameter across the top, 75mm/2.9″ tall


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