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WUMING Electric TEMP. Control Kettle

WUMING Electric TEMP. Control Kettle

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Product Features:
0.7cm thin kettle spout especially design for coffee brewing,
easy to control flow rate
. Gooseneck design make the drip degree to be real 90° to ensure the accurate brewing.
Press the button , the kettle will automatically heat when the temperatue is lower than your target temperature. Keep the temperature always the number you want.  Long press for 3S to switch F° and C°.
Innovation lock lid, better seal and temperature holding and nice use experience when you open and close the lid.
There are 3.3cm of the thumb position , 6cm from the body to the farest distance with the handle. Very nice grib and brewing experience to ergonomic .
Timing function:When the kettle powered on, tap twice the power button will turn on /off the timing function.
Tap the function button , there are 5 default temperataures good for brewing coffee for you to select,can be set to be your favorite temperatures. Long press the function button for 3s  to get in the setting mode. After setting , you can reach the temperatures you love by one tap .

Model:Electirc TEMP. Control Kettle
Color:Black, White
Material:Food grade SUS304/Pear Wood Handle
Spout diameter:0.7cm
TEMP. Controller:Strix
Rated voltage:1000-1200W
Rated frequency:50-60Hz
Temperature error: plus or minus 3℃ (depending on the different atmosphere in different regions)
Range of Hold Temperature: 45℃ - 98℃
Storage temperature: -10℃ to 50℃
Use temperature: -10℃ to 50℃
Button control: capacitive touch button, no need to press hard and capacitive sliding touch bar
Power Supply :1200W-220V EU PLUG(Only this model)

1. Do not dry boil the kettle when there is no water.
2. Please turn off the power and pull out the plug when not using the product.
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